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Our Summer 2021 season is upon us. The below information is due to be updated as soon as all of the competition are sorted out.

We hope to welcome several new members this year and they include both new and experienced bowlers to the game.

We intend to include short periods of training on Tuesday afternoons and it is hoped that all members will appreciate the need to gain a greater knowledge of our game of Lawn Bowls to further that enjoyment. Remember to familiarise yourselves with our 'housekeeping' procedures concerned with the laying out and collection of equipment at the start and end of play/practice.

Anyone who still wants to play in our own club competitions, please ensure that your names have been entered on the board so that all can be considered. Remember that matches should be completed by the dates shown!


Membership is open to all. Our 2021 subscription is £50. Social membership is £10
Junior membership is available to under 18s and is also £10. However, green use must be supervised.

Please download this application form and pass it to the secretary, or another member of the committee together with your cheque.


2021 Competitions

The layout for our 2021 'in-club' competitions will be posted on the EVENTS page in Spring, 2021 and it was agreed that we dispense with separate Men's and Ladies' Competitions.

In each pairing, the top name(s) are 'Home' and responsible for initiating the arrangements, including the nomination of a 'marker' for the singles matches, with the 'Away' names.

Members are asked to ensure that their matches are completed by the date shown and that the clubhouse grids are up to date. The website will be updated as we go along.

Competitors are requested to mark the agreed dates and times onto the blackboard, ensuring that they do not clash with other matches. Below is the list of our competitions. The detailed grids will be shown on the EVENTS page as the competition progresses.

Yardstick18 ends
3-Wood Singles18 ends
4-Wood Singles21 Shots
2-Wood Pairs21 ends
4-Wood Pairs18 ends
Mixed Bob Wakefield FoursRound Robin over 3 games
Club TriplesRound Robin over three games
Club PairsRound Robin over 3 games

See the Clubhouse for the complete up-to-date details on these competitions. Eamonn will be posting the open grids on the noticeboard in April so please make sure that you get your names entered for the various competitions you wish to take part in.


Outside of the outdoor bowling season, Chislet Colliery Welfare Association Bowls Club organises, and participates in, various indoor bowls events and activities.

Indoor Bowling at the main hall of the Chislet Colliery Welfare Club is popular and only costs £2 for the full evening, bowling on a roll-out mat, on Monday evenings - please be there at 7pm. Our 2021 season starts 20th September We must have at least 6 players per session to cover costs. Please contact Michael Holmes or call 01227 712633 for more information.

Chislet Bowls Club members also play in the East Kent Short Mat League, with 2 teams, known as "Chislet Labradors" who are currently in Second Division and "Chislet Cheetahs" in Third Division. Matches are played on Tuesday evenings for Labradors and Thursday evenings for Cheetahs from September through to March from 7p.m. Practice is on the same days when no home match is booked. Our 2021/22 season starts 14th September. For further info contact our Captain Bob Hill 01227 374327.

Various other matches are arranged and you are requested to watch this site for dates of those events as they are arranged and ensure that your name, should you wish to play, is given to the Captain for his consideration.


We review our Club Rules & By-Laws every year. A copy of the Rules can be seen here.
Full details of Club officials and other named members holding positions within our club and shown in Annex A and B of these Rules are displayed in the Clubhouse.


Rules governing the sport of Bowls, together with the latest revisions can be viewed from the folder on the main notice board, and those for local competitions are similarly available in the Pavilion.

The "Crystal Mark" English Bowls Association Laws of Bowls can be found here

Any additions or revisions are updated on that Club House copy. Please make use of this publication to fully acquaint yourselves with the Laws of Bowls and any further queries can be answered by Michael Blackband if you have any problems.

The Recreation Ground
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