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Sat 13th AprilOpen DayHOME10.30GreyAll Members (Weather per
Sun 14th AprilOpen DayHOME10.30GreyAll Members (Weather pe


03 FebAylesham Indoors 3 X 2 trpls 1100 1300 1500hrsAWAY
09 JanChislet v Arena at Thanet IBCAWAY
08 DecAylesham Indoors 3 X 2 trpls 1100 1300 1500hrsAWAY
17 NovPresentation Dinnerat the Welfare Club HersdenHOME
14 NovChislet v Arena at Cliftonville IBCAWAY
20 OctAylesham Indoors 3 X 2 trpls 1100 1300 1500hrsAWAY
30 SepC.W.L. Final Day at: ThanetAWAY
22 SepBroadstairsAWAYChislet 47 Broadstairs 65 Rained off 10 ends oniy
19 SepCliftonvilleAWAYChislet 79 Clifftonville 82
15 SepWear BayAWAY
11 SepEastryHOMEChislet 98 Eastry 87
10 SepNew RomneyAWAYChislet 90 New Romney 68
07 SepHerne BayHOME
02 SepEastryAWAYEastry 58 Chislet 79
01 SepAshAWAYAsh 58 Chislet 55
31 AugWalpole Bay C.W.L.AWAYWalpole Bay 111 Chislet 97
29 AugAylesham/SnowdownHOMECANCELLED
26 AugSpring House TouristsHOMEChislet 38 Springhouse 31Rain stopped play 7-8 ends only
23 AugCheritonHOMEChislet 115 Cheriton 76
18 AugBetteshangerAWAYCANCELLED
16 AugHerne BayAWAY63 - 63A draw after 12 ends rain stopped play
12 AugAshHOMEChislet 34 Ash 66
05 AugVictoria ParkHOMEChislet 102 Victoria Park 79
04 AugSellindgeAWAYSellindge 88 Chislet 76
01 AugProbusHOME90 - 95 to Probus
29 JulHospice OpenHOME
22 JulThanet C.W.L.AWAYChislet 85 Thanet 110
21 JulMargateHOMEChislet 61 Margate 29A great win for Chislet . Compare that to the away match
Margate 60 Chislet 31 we won overall.
14 JulClub Mixed 4sHOME
11 JulBirchington C.W.L.AWAYBirchington 153 Chislet 61
08 JulWestbrook C.W.L.AWAYWestbrook 110 Chislet 84Westbrook won 5 rinks Chislet 1 Chislet 2 points Westbrook 15
07 JulBoughton C.W.L.AWAYBoughton 114 Chislet 94Boughton won 3 rinks Chislet won 2 1 drawn
Boughton 12 points Chislet 5 points
04 JulS.E. Kent PoliceHOMEChislet 72 Police 64We won 2 rinks drew 1 and lost 1
28 JunWhitstable C.W.L.HOMEChislet 89 Whitstable 133We had 1 winning rink 1 drawn rink and 4 lost. 3 points to us 14 to Whitstable
24 JunChislet OpenHOME
21 JunBoughton C.W.L.HOMEChislet 76 Boughton 121Only 1 winning rink for us, Chislet 2 points Boughton 15 points
20 JunRamsgate C.W.L.AWAYChislet 82 Ramsgate 131We lost on all rinks scoring 0 points to Ramsgate's 17
16 JunMinsterAWAYMinster 103 - Chislet 81A nice afternoon but only 1 winning rink
13 JunBroadstairsHOMEChislet 104 Broadstairs 100
10 JunClub Mixed TriplesHOME
09 JunBirchington C.W.L.HOMEChislet 82 Birchington 102Rink3 Dave Cowley, Pat Rogers and Derek Trussel had the only win 15 - 14
15 Points to Birchington 2 to us.
03 JunSearch & RescueHOME
02 JunWear BayHOMEChislet 87 Wear Bay 74A really nice match and a win.
27 MaySt. MargaretsAWAY
26 MayMargateAWAYMargate 60 Chislet 31
20 MayMinsterHOMEChislet 71 Minster 93
19 MayCliftonvilleHOME97 - 79Winning on 4 out of 5 rinks, great result!
16 MayRamsgate C.W.L.HOMEChislet 83 Ramsgate 108
13 MayCheritonAWAY113 - 76A heavy loss on a difficult green with only one winning rink number 1 Sue Clarke, Dave Harris and Jack Cramp scoring 10-27
12 MaySellindgeHOME62 - 63Lost by 1 shot against a good team, we only won on rink 4, Pam Carnell, Peter Hume and Rick Eames scoreing 18-9
09 MayWalpole Bay C.W.L.HOME108 - 107Win for Chislet
Won on 2 rinks, drew on 2 rinks and lost on 2 rinks. 11 points for us. Let's have more of these
06 MayAylesham/SnowdownAWAYAylesham 103 Chislet 82Won 1 rink drew 1 rink lost 4 rinks
05 MayThanet C.W.L.HOMEChislet 80 Thanet 113Lost to Thanet again on all but one rink, well done to Malcolm Harris, Dave Coupland and Lesley Eames again
29 AprWestbrook C.W.L.HOME81-61A good win for Chislet let's have more of them.
26 AprWhitstable C.W.L.AWAY122 - 80Lost to Whitstable again on all but one rink, well done to Malcolm Harris, Dave Coupland and Lesley Eames
22 AprChislet v VillageHOMEWe won on 5 rinks and drew on the 6th
21 AprCaptain v Vice CaptainHOMECaptains win
15 AprOpen DayHOME
14 AprOpen DayHOME
08 AprSPRING GENERAL MEETINGVenue change to Wealfare ClubSpring meeting Venue change to Chislet Colliery Welfare Club
17 MarBetteshanger IndoorsAWAY
09 MarArena at Cliftonville IndoorsAWAY75 - 58 to The ArenaWe made a good start but the finish could have been better, we will have to get the cup back next year.
03 FebAylesham Indoor 3 X 2Trpls 1200, 1400 1600hrsAWAYCancelled by Aylesham
17 JanArena at Cliftonville IndoorsAWAYWe won by 4 shots.Lets win again this year to keep the cup on the 9th March
13 JanAylesham Indoors 3 X 2 trpls 1200 1400 1600hrsAWAYLost 5 games to 1Usual result Aylesham nearly whitewashed us but saved by the cavalry, Bob Eslea, Dave Harris and Peter Hume with a score of 10 - 23. total score 130 -62
10 JanThanet Indoor - Jim's DayAWAYTop Rink Jim Harlow and Bob EllisThanks Jim another fun day with a good turnout
13 DecThanet Indoor - Jim's DayAWAYTop Rink Dave Harris John Turton Jenny WilkinsonAnother good afternoon enjoyed by all, courtesy of Jim
22 NovAgainst Arena at Cliftonville IndoorAWAYLost. Chislet 54 - Arena 84We failed to turn up for this match, losing badly to an Arena side who want to win the cup back! We have 30 points to make up over the next two games.
15 NovThanet Indoor- Jim's DayAWAYTop Rink W.Laughton, D. Clarke and J. Trussell A good turnout over 7 rinks with Wilf, Derek and Jean winning top rink. A very enjoyable afternoon, thank you Jim.
04 NovAylesham Indoor 3 X 2Trpls 1200, 1400 1600hrsAWAYLost 5 games to 1As usual, Aylesham took advantage of us again. Well beaten in 5 games but Dave Harris, with Petr Hume and Wilf Laughton saved us from a whitewash.
24 SepAshford RailHOMELOSTPlaying just 5 triples, Chislet were on the end of another loss to Ashford Rail, who are a very strong side.
23 SepCliftonville IS CANCELLEDAWAYCancelledRegrettably, we had to cancel this match because of a clash of fixtures and Cliftonville were obliged to hold their earlier arranged match.
16 SepWear Bay NOW CANCELLEDHOMECancelledWear Bay could only raise 2 triples and so the match was cancelled.
12 SepEastryHOMEWon Chislet 91 Eastry 68Although the rinks were shared at 3 each, A couple of excellent wins on two of ours made for an emphatic win.
11 SepNew RomneyAWAYLost New Romney 91 Chislet 65New Romney are always a hard side to beat and we gave them a good try on a good green, winning on two rinks.
09 SepClub Mixed fours compsHOME
08 SepHerne Bay HOMEMatch cancelledThe rain started at 1 pm and fell steadily to partially flood the green, so we had a cup of tea and went home again.
03 SepEastryAWAYLost Eastry 75 Chislet 53Two winning rinks and two losing, but they came out on top.
02 SepAsh AWAYLost Ash 95 Chislet 81Only one rink won, but the others were all close games.
27 AugAylesham/SnowdownHOME
24 AugCheritonAWAYWON Cheriton 74 Chislet 117With 4 rinks won, one drawn and one loss, Chislet did exceptionally well against a team who are well up in their area. An enjoyable fixture which we hope to continue in the future.
19 AugBetteshangerAWAYCancelledWe had to cancel this match with only one of the reasons being the Herne Bay Air Show leading to our inability to raise a full team.
17 AugHerne Bay AWAYLOST Herne Bay 94. Chislet 82The rink wins were shared 3-3 but the overall score went in favour of a strong Herne Bay side. Lets try harder on the return date, 8th Sept.
13 AugAsh HOMELOST Chislet 42 Ash 48Ash were only able to field four triples against us but the score swung in their favour over the last couple of ends.
12 AugTilmanstone IS CANCELLEDHOMEMatch cancelled Tilmanstone called off the match as they were able to find only 3 players to visit us.
11 AugWalpole Bay (C.W.League)AWAYWon Walpole Bay 105 Chislet 109We won't finish bottom of the CW League this year! I win at the coast puts us firmly above Walpole Bay. Let's go for better next year!
09 AugKENT COUNTYHOMEWe came second.Once more, it was pleasure to have the KCBA visit us again. They are a strong side but we were able to stay with them and a close match was enjoyed by all. A generous cheque was received from the County Treasurer and a healthy trade was done in our bar. An excellent afternoon.
06 AugVictoria Park, DealAWAYLOST Vic. Park 121 Chislet 93Our only match against Victoria Park this year went to the home side with a fairly emphatic win on 5 out of 6 rinks.They are always a good side and an enjoyable and friendly venue at which to play.
05 AugSellindgeAWAYWON Sellindge 71 Chislet 105Starting the afternoon with a torrential rainstorm, the day cleared for a good Chislet win (5 out of 6 triples won) and a really friendly game of bowls.
30 JulThe HOSPICE OPENHOMEChislet 1st and 2ndJack Cramp, with Pat Rogers and Mick Tomassi won this event with Tony and Diane Kirkbank and Peter Hume taking the runners-up place.
29 JulAshford RailAWAYLOST Ashford - 154 Chislet 42Our biggest defeat (ever?) was foisted upon us on a filthy wet afternoon, being beaten on 5 rinks and drawing only one. Lucky we called a truce after 16 ends.
23 JulThanet (C.W. League)AWAYLOST Chislet 85 Thanet 134We took a beating on all six rinks after a reasonable start and going into tea fairly close behind Thanet.
22 JulMargateHOMEWON Chislet 58 Margate 52We only played 3 triples against Margate, and lent them two players! It turned out to be a really exciting match with our Bob Eslea's rink carding a 5 on the last end.
12 JulBirchington (C.W.L) Now HOMEHOMELost Chislet 92 Birchington 112We won 2 rinks but lost on 4, making the CW score 4 - 13, but against so many 'straight' woods, we are fighting a losing battle against these teams.
09 JulWestbrook (C.W. League)AWAYLost Westbrook 117 Chislet 97Doesn't get a lot better this weekend. We won only one rink and drew another. Points 14 - 3 against us.
08 JulBoughton (C.W.League)AWAYLost Boughton 133 Chislet 78Bit of a heavy defeat for our team after Boughton fielded a strong side to keep their momentum throughout the match. We only won on one rink, unfortunately.
04 JulKingsHOMEWon Chislet 82 Kings 72Although Kings could only field 5 triples this day, a good match was played in lovely Kent weather.
29 JunWhitstable (C.W. League)HOME
22 JunBoughton (C.W.League)HOMELost Chislet 84 Boughton 89This was a very close-run match with the result not decided until the 18th end. 7 points to Chislet and 10 points to Boughton
21 JunRamsgate (C.W.League)AWAYLost Ramsgate 107 Chislet 92Several rinks had close finishes but the overall plaudits went to Ramsgate. CW score was 15 points to 2.
18 JunClub Mixed Triples CompHOME
17 JunMinsterAWAYDrew Minster 102 Chislet 102Although Minster won 4 rinks to 2, good wins by Derek Trussell and Tony Kirkbank brought about a draw on an extremely hot and humid afternoon.
11 JunClub Mixed Pairs CompHOME
10 JunBirchington (C.W.League)AWAYLOST Chislet 95 Birchington 121Whilst most rinks were closely contested, we only won on a single rink so 2 points to Chislet and 17 to Birchington
04 JunAIR AMBULANCE OPENHOMEWon by Derek Trussell's tripleAnother successful event played out in good sunshine and a reasonable temperature. The event was won by Derek and Jean Trussell and Jim Bellingham, with Del Walker's triple runners up. Tony Kirkbank's triple were third, meaning a clean sweep for Chislet. The trophy was introduced and awarded by Perry's Vauxhall.
03 JunWear BayAWAYWON Wear Bay 71 Chislet 73A close match at a breezy seaside saw us win by just 2 points.
28 MaySt Margarets BayHOMEWON Chislet 78 St Margarets 54This bi-annual match with St Margaret's Bay turned out to be successful with a good win for us over a friendly coastal side.
27 MayMargateAWAYWON Margate 34 Chislet 49Played over 3 mixed triples, we were, again, able to win well, with two rinks won and one drawn. A beautiful afternoon and a pretty good green - after last year's dustbowl.
21 MayMinsterHOMEWON Chislet 99 Minster 84That was a very good weekend for us, wining both games.
20 MayCliftonvilleHOMEWON Chislet 97 Cliftonville 91Although we only won on 2 rinks, with one drawn and three lost, our score overall was enough to secure a good win over a strong side.
17 MayRamsgate (C.W.League)HOMEWon Chislet 114 Ramsgate 87A very good afternoon for Chislet, winning on 4 of the 6 rinks and taking the points by 13 to 4.
14 MayCheritonHOMELOST Chislet 68 Cheriton 114It was all going so well at teatime but Cheriton took the advantage and we ended up losing by 4 rinks to 1, with 1 drawn.
13 MaySellindgeHOMEWON Chislet 111 Sellindge 97Well played Chislet. A win for us against Sellindge by a healthy score, although it was played over 5 rinks instead of 6.
10 MayWalpole Bay (C.W.League)HOMELOST Chislet 92 Walpole Bay 108We started very well but faded after tea, losing 4 out of 6 rinks. Four points to us against 13 for them.
07 MayAylesham/SnowdonAWAYLOST Aylesham 117 Chislet 100Again, we shared the rinks, 3 each, but again got beaten on the points count. A beautiful green to bowl on.
06 MayThanet (C.W. League)HOMELOST Chislet 78 Thanet 104On a very chilly afternoon, we saw some improvement in our performance against a good Thanet side. We won three rinks against their three but the points count went against us, giving them the bonus points..
30 AprWestbrook (C.W. League)HOMELOSTWe lost on all six rinks today, gifting Westbrook with maximum CWL points.
27 AprWhitstable (C.W. League)AWAYLOST Chislet 92 - Whitstable 137We won on one rink and drew on another. Otherwise, Whitstable showed their ability to win once again. Roll on June 29th!
23 AprChislet -v- The VillageHOMEWe Lost!With only seven of our playing members turning up to play against the village, it was inevitable that they would win, given that they turned up with 25! We all had a very enjoyable afternoon, raising many pounds for village charities.
16 AprOpen DayHOME
15 AprOpen DayHOME
09 AprOpening DayHOME
08 AprOpening DayHOME
10 MarArena Indoor ChallengeAWAYChislet 83 - Arena 56A great performance by us, winning on four out of the five triples and taking the new trophy (to be presented after the Arena AGM) by winning two out of the three matches this season.
17 FebArena Indoor ChallengeAWAYChislet 46 Arena 83Malcolm's triple was the only winning rink on a day when Arena bought out all their guns to repay us for their defeat last time. One more to go this season.
18 NovArena Indoor ChallengeAWAY
12 NovAnnual Dinner and PresentationsHOME
02 OctCatherine Wheeler Won by Thanet. 2nd Whitstable, 3rd Westbrook. Our final outdoor event at the home ground for 2016 featured the Catherine Wheeler participant sides fielding 2 triples each in a full day match of 2 X 11 ends. A successful day with great weather and lovely lunch.
01 OctAshford Rail (CANCELLED)HOME
25 SepAshford RailAWAYMatch cancelledEnd of season absences meant that we had to cancel this match.
21 SepCliftonvilleAWAYLostRegrettably, sickness, holidays and other reasons meant that we could only field 4 rinks against Cliftonville on a lovely September afternoon. Only one of our triples had success with the match being lost overall.
20 SepBoughtonAWAYLostChislet managed to get the best of Boughton on two rinks,but the overall result was disappointing.
18 SepLast ShiftAWAYWon by BetteshangerWe sent three triples (Men) to Aylesham for this annual event and they performed well, but not as well as Betteshanger, who took the trophy.
17 SepWear BayAWAYLostA wet and windy afternoon on te coast and we didn't fare well against Wear Bay. Just a single winning rink. WE were well entertained at the conclusion with a very nice tea.
12 SepNew RomneyHOMEChislet 101 New Romney 92Played on a September Scorcher, Chislet took the advantage over New Romney to gain a good win.
11 SepThe Chislet OpenHOMEThe Open was cancelled due to lack of entries.
10 SepClubs Mixed FoursHOMEAt Presentation Day
09 SepHerne BayHOMEChislet 87 Herne Bay 98Once more we come up short against the old enemy. We hope for better luck next season.
04 SepEastryAWAYChislet 61 Eastry 67A narrow loss by Chislet, played over 4 rinks.
03 SepAshAWAYChislet 75 Ash 96A disappointing result, played over 5 rinks, where home advantage prevailed.
28 AugAylesham/SnowdownHOMEChislet 98 Aylesham - 87An unexpected but welcome win by Chislet over Aylesham.
25 AugCheritonAWAYChislet 110 Cheriton 76Cheriton had beaten us at home last May, but the tables were well and truly turned on a sweltering afternoon. Chislet won on 5 out of the 6 rinks.
21 Aug
18 AugHerne BayAWAYChislet 131 Herne Bay 139At Herne Bay's request, we mustered 9 triples for this match against the Bay. Very well-contested and enjoyable with Herne Bay getting the edge.
17 AugLeavelandHOMEOnly two rinks were played, with honours shared - one game each.
14 AugAshHOMEChislet 43 Ash 42Only 3 triples were requested by Ash, won by Chislet overall.
13 AugTilmanstoneAWAYChislet 52 Tilmanstone 99The very slick green helped the home side to a clear win over Chislet.
12 AugWalpole BayAWAYChislet 110 Walpole Bay 91An excellent win for Chislet in the Cliftonville sunshine that meant a Catherine Wheeler score of 13pts to 4pts for us.
07 AugVictoria ParkHOMEChislet 84 Victoria Park 102Played in wonderful weather, Victoria Park gained the advantage over us and kept it for their win.
06 AugSellindgeAWAYChislet 101 Sellindge 66Played over 5 rinks, the result was a very good win for Chislet
03 AugChislet v Pro BusHOMEA win for PROBUS
31 JulHospice OpenHOMEWon by MinsterA great day with 24 teams playing for The Hospice Cup in glorious weather. Birchington were runners up.
30 Jul
27 JulLeavelandAWAYChislet 26 Leaveland 42An enjoyable game with friendly opponents but our inability to get to grips with their green was our downfall.
24 JulThanetAWAYChislet 92 Thanet 92We came away with a tied match in shots but the overall League points favoured Thanet by 6 1/2 to 10 1/2.
23 JulMargateAWAYChislet 39 Margate 61It seems that the dry fast green in hot conditions did not suit us today, resulting in a disappointing finish.
17 JulClubs Mixed TriplesHOMESix teams of Triples were drawn to play two games each of 12 ends on a warm, humid day.
13 JulBirchingtonAWAYChislet 78 Birchington 130Another hard afternoon against an effective Birchington Side meant that we lost 4 rinks against 2 wins.
10 JulWestbrookHOMEChislet 103 Westbrook 109Only 6 shots in this close game with Westbrook.
09 JulBoughtonHOMEChislet 103 Boughton 92With a points win of 13 to 4, Chislet played well, winning 4 out of six rinks on a sunny afternoon.
05 JulKingsAWAYChislet 70 Kings 115A long way to New Eltham for this guest match, played in good weather, which we lost to the home side. Our winning skips were Jim and Malcolm.
03 JulDemelza HouseHOMECanterbury BCOur hosting of the annual Demelza House Charity Day was blessed with good weather and a full day of competitions, won by the Canterbury BC triple headed by George King. The event raised, in total, over £3,400 for Demelza House.
02 Jul
30 JunWhitstableHOMEChislet 75 Whitstable 118We were well beaten again by a Whitstable side who had few weaknesses.
29 JunPROBUS v Ashford ProbusHOMEA guest match with Herne Bay PROBUS playing against Ashford PROBUS in their annual match. Won with little difficulty by Herne Bay.
25 JunCliftonvilleHOMECalled off - RainWith everyone ready to play, very heavy rain and hail fell and flooded the ground, making any play impossible. To be re-scheduled later in the season.
22 JunRamsgate AWAYChislet 99 Ramsgate 93By winning 4 out of the 6 rinks, we gained 13 points to 4 in the League. A good performance against Ramsgate.
19 JunSearch & RescueHOMEWon by the Minster entryTwenty teams took part in this charity match which raised £800 for Kent Search & Rescue. The weather was perfect for bowling and made for a very well-organised and enjoyable day.
18 JunMinsterAWAYMinster 99 Chislet 85Beaten by a very friendly team on their newly resurfaced green that played on the 'heavy' side.
12 JunClubs Mixed PairsHOMEClose to 30 members present for this day's play which included 3 matches each on 4 rinks being played over 9 ends each. The bacon rolls were, as usual, prepared by Jim and Val.
11 JunBirchingtonHOME(To follow) We were well beaten by a strong Birchington team.
04 JunWear BayHOMEChislet - 78 Wear Bay - 105Played over 5 rinks, with a bit of juggling, Wear Bay had the advantage over us. At least the weather warmed up as the match progressed!
29 MaySt Margaret'sAWAYSt Margarets - 90 Chislet - 45Our only match this year with St Margarets, on their turf, proved difficult.
28 MayMargateHOMEMargate - 52 Chislet - 50A close match played over 3 rinks.
22 MayMinsterHOMEChislet - 92 Minster - 102The first half, in the rain, was encouraging enough, but after an early break for tea, Minster were able to pass us for their result.
18 MayRamsgate HOMEChislet - 113 Ramsgate - 88An impressive win by Chislet with a score of 113 -88 over Ramsgate with rain falling during the first half. Lets hope for a similar performance when we visit them next month.
15 MayCheritonHOMEChislet - 93 Cheriton - 101Cheriton had the advantage over us by 8 shots today. Captain Mick, on rink 5, had the best win for Chislet.
14 MaySellindgeHOMEChislet - 83 Sellindge - 81A close match played over 5 rinks due to Sellindge absences.
11 MayWalpole BayHOMEChislet - 105 Walpole Bay - 92A win for Chislet! Although the rinks were shared 3-all, Chislet kept a lead throughout the match to bring their first League win of the year. Onwards!
08 MayAylesham/SnowdownAWAYAylesham - 103 Chislet - 93The hottest day of the year - so far - with temperatures in the high 20's saw Aylesham beat us by 10 shots.
07 MayThanetHOMEChislet - 100 Thanet - 109A fairly close match, with Thanet having the edge by only 9 shots. The triples of Alan, Lesley and Dave matched those of Mick, Sue and Wilf to win the acclaimed pens.
01 MayWestbrookAWAYWestbrook128 - Chislet 81Overall points score was 16 - 1.
28 AprWhitstableAWAYWhitstable 146 - Chislet 72Well! They got their own back this year by fielding their best side, which proved a bit too much for us. We will have to try harder when they come back to our ground in June.
24 AprChislet v The VillageHOMEChislet - 69 Village - 77Another cold and showery day but it remained dry during play with the village being too strong for the overall result to favour us. We will have to play better next year!
23 AprCaptain v The Vice-Captain HOMECaptain - 70 Vice-Captain - 83Play commenced, after a brief shower of hail, with five triples battling out this fixture on a very cold afternoon. Many were pleased to get back into the relative comfort of the pavilion at the conclusion of the 18 ends with more rain clouds appearing. April, eh?

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